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New... ECON Digital laser checks….only from CFC Print & Mail.

What is ECON Digital?

ECON Digital laser checks are economical & high quality preprinted litho check backgrounds featuring a digitally imaged custom black imprint. We have eliminated prepress and printing plates making ECON Digital checks a supreme value with the fastest delivery available in the industry. We designed ECON Digital to appeal to cost conscious end users and for national check programs that are price, quality and delivery sensitive. Available in quantities starting at 100 up to 2500 checks. Two background pattern options are available in dark blue, light blue, green, brown or maroon ink colors. A void pantograph option is also available in either dark blue or green ink.

ECON Digital laser checks now come with CFC's exclusive Digital Micro Validation technology. Signature line verification is consecutively numbered micro print located in the signature line of our digitally imprinted check. The consecutive check number is a clever and overt authentication feature that matches the consecutive gothic number while actuating from check to check. Digital Micro Validation is the latest patent-pending technology offered by CFC Print & Mail.

VERY Fast... Orders received in-plant by 10:30 a.m. CST will ship same day.

  • thermo iconThree pantograph options
  • Void pantograph available
  • Five color options
  • Heat sensitive thermochromatic "Safe" icon
  • Full page chemical wash security backer
  • Chemically reactive security paper that includes toner adhesion
  • Warning border
  • 3 1/2" and 7" perf locations... plus 3 2/3" and 7 1/3"

Three Pantograph Options

Marble Linen 24 Void
marble pantograph linen pantograph 24 void pantograph

Five Color Choices

Reflex Blue PMS 348 PMS 208
  Process Blue PMS 175


Full Page Chemical Wash
Security Backer

ECON is a robust offering of preprinted check shells... which can be ECONomically litho imprinted in dense black ink for quantities of 250 up to 5,000. Three pantograph and eighteen (18) color options plus check panels on the top, middle or bottom position provide a wide range style and sophistication. Plus, all ECON documents are preprinted with a heat sensitive thermochromatic safe icon which is sensitive to touch and adds additional security to prove authenticity!

ECON... a custom look at an ECONomical price!

  • thermo iconThree pantograph options
  • Eighteen (18) color choices
  • Heat sensitive thermochromatic "Safe" icon
  • Chemically reactive security check paper
  • Warning border
  • Litho imprint
  • Full page chemical wash security backer

Three Pantograph Options

Marble Linen Shell
marble pantograph linen pantograph shell pantograph

Eighteen Color Choices

Black PMS 423 PMS 175 PMS 471
PMS 464 Reflex Blue Process Blue PMS 281
PMS 300 PMS 314 PMS 151 PMS 185
Warm Red PMS 348 PMS 342 PMS 201
  PMS 208 PMS 209  


Hybrid Hidden Word VOID

Full Page Chemical Wash
Security Backer

NULO is CFC’s new security enhanced preprinted laser check stock. NULO, meaning 'void' in Spanish, provides eight layers of protection providing your customer with the required due diligence in case of check fraud. NULO check stock is
Check 21 compliant.

  • thermo iconInvisible fluorescent fibers
  • UV Dull
  • Chemical reactive
  • Warning border
  • Micro print border
  • Heat sensitive thermochromatic "Safe" icon
  • Hybrid hidden word VOID
  • Full page chemical wash security backer

NULO is available in top, middle and bottom check formats and now in five ink color selections:

NULO is also available with a black litho imprint. The black imprint can be used to customize software compatible and other check applications. Consult factory for pricing and delivery.

NULO is available in quantities of 500 and up.